Company Bayer Vitrotec


Diversification is our Corporate Principle

The cornerstone of every company is its philosophy. Our philosophy makes your requests our objective.


We are ready and waiting to turn your requests and ideas into a reality. What about our strengths? Specialist expertise, experience, reliability and maximum-quality holistic solutions.


We not only see our product portfolio in terms of tailored solutions, but especially when it comes to providing our customers with personal support. We offer you a partnership-like cooperation, which you can opt out of at any time.


This is what Bayer Vitrotec GmbH stands for.


About UsĀ 

Thanks to its extensive delivery programme with the focal point of butyl and bitumen sealing strips, Bayer Vitrotec GmbH is a competent and efficient partner for industrial/construction applications, focusing on the glass industry.


For many years, the company has been operating on a global level and for the future it plans to further tap into foreign markets.


Over more than 3 generations, the company's experience and product portfolio has constantly been adapted to the prevailing market requirements, to be able to offer customers a professional selection of high-quality products.


Technological advancement, but also products which have proven themselves for years; both have a place in the extensive delivery programme of Bayer Vitrotec.


Your satisfaction is our objective